It is important to us that all wood used has only travelled a handful of miles to us and is only used where it benefits the environment to thin or remove a tree.

We make functional wooden homeware from wood that is locally-sourced & sustainably managed.

All work is handmade by us in our studio & our designs are led by the unique features of each piece of wood we work with. Wood is usually turned green & then allowed to dry naturally. We love the ‘wonkiness’ which often emerges during this process and do not feel the need to ‘correct’ this natural movement. Each piece is numbered and is a one-off.

New Products

Every product you see is unique and created from our studio in Morwenstow on the North Cornwall Coast.

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Stay Up To Date

Often our pieces go out before we even get a chance to list them! See everything created at @thehidestudio_cornwall.